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iCloud missed their own protection against copying music

iCloud missed their own protection against copying music

Anyone who wants to use Apple's new streaming service from Apple Music, receives the request if the iCloud music library for use. Who agrees, it takes in the case of a local data loss with unpleasant consequences. Apple missed the songs in the music library iCloud downloading a copy, if available in the iTunes directory. This has implications for those who want to leave Apple Music - should they have also removed their unprotected music. However, one should not overestimate this behavior: The iCloud service without prejudice to the local library. Apple's iCloud music library introduced with iTunes 12.2. The service is similar to the one already set up in 2011 offers iTunes Match cloud - but with one important difference. The music that is detected thereby receives a copy. This probably happens because of Streamingfähigeit service and issues related rights. When iTunes Match was and is not. The iTunes Match service is like the local iTunes library to Apple cloud and stored there pieces and allows the user of the online music play directly identified - having to transfer time in the cloud without the title. Only when a song can not be identified or is not available in iTunes, it is downloaded. A copy getting the parts anyway. So who has already activated the iCloud Apple Music Music Library, should, according to Macworld author Kirk McElhearn possibly condemn her unprotected music in a backup because the music library iCloud iTunes Match is not unlike a full backup.


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